The Diabetes Endocrinology Association Nepal was established in 2008 mainly by four endocrinologists, Dr. Dina Shrestha, Dr. Santosh Shakya, Dr. Amit Shakya and Dr. Jyoti Bhattarai, with the main objective of advancing the field of endocrinology in Nepal. The main objective of the organization is to enhance the knowledge of the national doctors in the field of endocrinology and to increase the awareness of prevalent hormonal problems like Diabetes and Thyroid disorders among the general public, thereby improving the prevention and treatment of such diseases. Other objectives are to work with local and international partners to promote continued medical education amongst the local health care workers and doctors and promote research activities.

Realizing the lack of development of the field of endocrinology — a specific medical branch within the internal medicine that deals with the dysfunction of hormones such as thyroid abnormality, growth problem, sexual and reproductive problems, pituitary problems, bone metabolic problems, problems of stress hormone (adrenal problem) and diabetes mellitus, the above mentioned endocrinologists got together to start this organization.

By now the organization has become bigger in size with total 64 members.  As a team of like minded people, we encourage professional solidarity and help each other in enhancing our professional work. Our goal ultimately is to improve patient care.


“To make diabetes and Endocrinology Care accessible, affordable and preventable.”


DEAN is an active member of SAFES. Five national professional organizations came together in January 2013, to form a regional association viz South Asian Federation of Endocrine Societies (SAFES). This federation comprises the National Endocrine Societies of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. It has been formed with the objective of developing a forum for Endocrinologists of this region to enable them to meet and interact regarding endocrine problems specific to this region, establish consensus statements and thereby develop strategies for targeted and appropriate management. It also aims to provide a unique platform for budding endocrinologists to enhance their skills while sharing their knowledge and experience.

We are also looking forward to soon partnering up and joining the International Society of Endocrinology